Why Men Cheat Part III

In this article we will explore the third reason as to why men cheat. It seems that in addition to having a lack of integrity and being completely selfish, many men are also suffering from Low Self-Esteem.

Now don't go thinking that every person who isn't completely 100% confident is likely to have an affair. If that were the case, there would be more cheaters than we could keep count.

Cheaters choose to respond negatively due to low self-esteem issues. And when they use sexual promiscuity as an outlet, they compound their problems.

The man who chooses to commit infidelity for the sake of feeling better about self has a much deeper problem. He will lie to his girlfriend or wife about being solely committed to her but then gallivants around behind her back because of his neediness.

It is obvious that this man has some serious emotional and psychological baggage.

There are general reasons for why men cheat and then there are exceptional reasons such as a mental illness and addiction. The focus here is on those who choose to cheat for sport, or due to some personal failure on their part to be honest and trustworthy.

The cheater with little to no self-esteem knows everything about taking, but very little about giving. Hopefully, the women and men who love these individuals will recognize that their partners have adopted a lifestyle pattern for masking discomfort and also one that puts them at risk.
Until these men begin to actively work towards building a healthier self awareness, there is very little you can do to get them to change.

Cheating is like an addiction, it feels good while you're doing it but when it's over, the mess is much bigger than the fun.

Why men cheat, or more specifically, why it is your man or husband is cheating, has nothing to do with what you did or didn't do in your relationship.

You are NOT responsible for the actions of another person. You can NOT make anyone DO anything. Other people, including your husband or boyfriend, must accept personal responsibility for their own actions, period.

If you're in a relationship or married to a cheater who has given you every reason under the sun to stay with him despite his behavior and you choose to, then that is your choice and in the end, it will still be your choice.

It's understandable that you would stand by your man through the good and the bad, but to consistently support or overlook his bad behavior could be a sign of codependency and not unconditional love.

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