Why Men Cheat Part V

In previous articles, we discussed various reasons why men cheat. In this article, we will focus on one of the reasons that I believe rank highest when it comes to explaining the cheating epidemic.

A lack of SELF-AWARENESS is the number one contributing factor to most problems that people encounter.

First, let's establish the fact that cheating is wrong. I'm not basing this statement on some religious conviction. My point in saying that cheating is wrong is because it's a deceptive practice, one that is rooted in dishonesty, manipulation, and selfishness.

And when it's carried out over and over again, despite the consequences, it becomes abusive on a physical and emotional level.

Why men cheat and choose to deny the truth is a combination of them wanting to have their cake, and to eat it too. A cheater is selfish and narcissistic. A cheater could care less about whom it is he hurts. He is lost to self.

Cheating, is not just some harmless thing that men do. Cheating these days can give an unsuspecting partner HIV or AIDS. When men cheat, they assault you, the family, and a host of others with their actions.

Unfortunately, these men are lost somewhere between a worldly model of who they think they should be and or a convincing EGO-manic-personality.

Why men cheat and whether it's a sexual addiction, coupled with a total lack of self-awareness doesn't mitigate the fact that your husband has a problem and that that problem is not yours to fix.

He needs psychological, emotional, and spiritual guidance to begin to deconstruct the "little man" he's become. It will require him to learn a whole knew way of being.

He must begin to let go of the thinking that objectifies another for his satisfaction.

How often have you heard it said that your weight or your drinking is not the real problem to your situation?

And in this case, the cheating is not the real problem. It is only a symptom of the problem. The problem is your lack of self-awareness and the unfortunate fact that you have yet to meet the real you underneath the baggage that needs a spiritual and inner intervention, if you are ever going to be real with yourself and others.

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