Why Men Cheat Part IV

There are several reasons why men cheat because there are various issues stemming from different individuals.

We discussed some of the reasons attributed to men cheating in articles I, II, and III. In this article, we will discuss how emotional immaturity sets the stage for not only disception but trickery.

Emotional immaturity is one of the biggest factors discussed in the why men cheat series. When emotional intelligence is lacking, people act out regardless of consequences and or circumstances.

Why Men Cheat ...

  • To escape from their present realities
  • To feel needed and wanted by someone other than the person they're committed to
  • Do to the belief that sex is the answer for their problems
  • To self soothe at the expense of another

  • To avoid the real work of mature living

  • These men will date someone they hardly know, divulge their life history to a complete stranger, engage in unsafe sex with a stranger, have an affair with a student, commit infidelity, and cheat over and over again on their spouse or partner regardless of the consequences.

    An emotionally immature person is not emotionally healthy, primarily because their emotional development has been thwarted at an earlier stage in life.

    Their actions and reactions will continue to be sporadic, spontaneous, and without much thought for others or consequences for their actions. They act first, much like children, and think later ... if they get around to it.

    If you are dating someone who is emotionally immature and they are cheating on you, don't be fooled into believing that just your love is the answer to their problem of infidelity.

    Cheating develops from an inner insecurity that builds over time. As it grows, a release of some kind is needed and each individual will choose their source of release through food, sex, cheating, money, anxiety, or a host of vices or addictions.

    Emotional immaturity is just one of many reasons why men cheat and are unfaithful in their relationships.

    Getting to that place of insecurity may not have been their fault but getting to where they want to be IS entirely up to them.

    It doesn't matter a man's bank account, his political power, his physical strengths, or athletic abilitites, if a man is weak within, he will be weak without.

    He will cheat because he can, because he needs to, or because he knows no other way to cope with his own emotional insecurity.

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