When Your Heart Is Broken

When your heart is broken, you feel lost and scared. Shock, sadness, and anger swell up within you like a bad nigthmare. You're not yourself nor are you pretending to be anything other than how you feel at the moment.

Heartbroken and bound by pain, you struggle through each day ... praying for a release or for reconciliation. You're not at a place in your heart and mind where moving forward is even possible.

So you sit in your pain and anguish, crying ... devastated, believing that you could be dying from a broken heart.

When your heart is broken, there are only two things that you want.

1. You want the pain to go away

2. You want to get back with your ex

Unfortunately, if you are the one who is holding on to what is gone, it will take some time before the pain diminishes. And the chances of you getting back with an old flame is anybodys guess.

The best thing for you
and your broken heart is
to take the time necessary to heal.

That healing can be initiated in a number of ways. I will list five just to get you started. This will get your mind busy doing something else instead of sitting around just feeling heartbroken.

1.Checkout a book at your local library or buy one from Amazon. Get something that will be of interest to you or that will help your situation.

2.Get yourself a journal. You can write, draw, and collect your thoughts in this space without censor. The point here is to get it all out, the ugly and the good.

3.Exercise - Walking is what I do but you might want to join a gym or do some weight-lifting, or areobics. Whatever exercise you choose to do, just do something where your body is in motion. It will do wonders for your mind.

4.Talk to someone you trust. Have coffee together at least once a week with a friend and talk about your feelings, and where you are in your healing. Don't overwhelm your friend with your problems and be sure to listen as well.

5.Get professional help if you need it. If you need professional relationship help, by all means, get it! There is no shame in feeling a great deal of pain, when your heart is broken. It's a part of life.

Ultimately ... life gets better. And your heartbroken phase will have served you well since you spent your time learning a healthy way of adjusting.