Video Files

The GPS acronym, stands for Global Positioning System. It lets you, the driver, know where you are at any given moment while driving in your car.

In addition, it will give you directions, via the GPS device, on how to get where you're going. It's definitely a step up from trying to drive while looking at a map.

So, what does a GPS device have to do with this Video Files page?

Well ... my site is about many types of broken relationships, and how you can best serve yourself and those you love through healthy suffering, acceptance, and healing.

To further help those suffering from broken hearts, I've created a file of sad love songs. These broken heart, help me God I can't even get out of bed sad songs, are positioned in the GRIEVE section of Video Files which are listed just below.

The second part of the Video Files section are the love songs that help you remember why it's time to PACK UP the tears and say goodbye once and for all. Those thank you for loving me .. or not, songs are listed below.

The final section of the Video Files is the SMILE section. This section consists of those wonderful love songs that make you smile.

This is the place in your life when you exhale and thank your Creator for everything that has contributed to your spiritual and emotional growth, including a bad relationship from the past. Those inspiring songs are listed below.

When you hear the GPS acronym, you will automatically know where you are, where you've been, and where you're going ... in the context of a broken relationship.