Unhappy Marriage

An unhappy marriage has the potential to rise above its ashes and to be born again. It doesn't matter how you got to this point but the important thing is that you don't remain stuck and unhappy.

Marriage, like many ot the other relationships we have, requires a bit of work. You simply can't expect to get married to someone and for things to stay unchangeable for years.

If you do, you're in for a huge suprise. People change as time progresses. It's the laws of the physical universe.

You can't stop it or prevent it because it's gonna happen. You can impede the growth of another but they will continue to change even if it's not a positive one.

When couples complain about being unhappy, my first thought is what did you do to get to this point and what are you doing to move beyond it. Most people will admit to not doing much of anything.

They were living under the impression that as long as they wore those rings around on their fingers, that the marriage was still intact. And years later, one or both are scrammbling to save the marriage without any real knowledge as to what actually happened.

People just don't wake up one day to an unhappy marriage like they would a cold. It was a process getting there and it will be one moving forward.

If you want your marriage to survive, and divorce or separation is not an option, you owe it to yourself, your partner, and your family to get moving. Do something different ... shake things up!

Stop being complacent in the mundaness of everyday living and treat your life and your marriage as if it was the very air you breathe.

And soon, what seemed like an unhappy marriage, might turn the corner into something much more adventurous.

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For the Christian woman who is living in a loveless marriage but doesn't believe in divorce. Please God Save My Marriage

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