Trust In A Relationship

Trust in a relationship is one of the most important components in any relationship.

There are way too many people trying to be someone other than who they are ...

It used to be that people got involved because they loved one another. Today the reasons are as endless as there are phony relationships.

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Phony Reasons Why People Commit

  • Financial dependence
  • To be able to leave their parents home
  • Believe that it should be the goal of every woman
  • Boredom
  • Fear of being alone
  • Don't want to die alone
  • Miserable (Misery loves company)
  • Need somebody ... anybody

  • Trust in a relationship comes with love and honesty.

    It takes two people to build that bridge from fear to love ... since so many people are more familiar with fear and pain which creates suspicion.

    Simply put ... if you don't have open and honest communication in your relationships with those you love, it's likely that trust doesn't live there.

    Some people aren't honest with themselves and don't have a clue how to be honest with anyone else so don't blame yourself for their dis-ease.

    However, if you're in a relationship or marriage where your mate is constantly lying to you, cheating on you, and is always changing personalities on you ... ask yourself why you're still hanging around?

    Your partner is no more than a stranger in familiar clothing ... what's the difference between him and an unknown man at the street corner bar?

    It's impossible to give another what you don't have and if you're lacking personal trust, you can't pass on what you don't possess.

    Trust starts from within and manifests outward in the form of openness and compassion.