Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are sticky ... messy ... and very, very popular! People are surrounded and involved in these types of relationships and many don't even know it.

5 Kinds of Toxic Relationships:

  • Family: Fortunately, or unfortunately you have a family of origin. Some people have close family ties to their families by choice and others choose to create some distance.

    Toxic family relations are some of the worse human connections!

    Cycles of abuse are passed down by generations of dysfunctional family members. Sexual abuse, violence, racisim, and hatred are just some of the ways in which children are raised in dysfunction.

    And that toxicity stays buried deep within you, like a wound, that needs to be recognized, gutted out, and given time to heal.

  • Friends: Usually, we choose our friends ... or at least in the United States of America, we have the freedom to choose who we will befriend, associate with or marry.

    Peer pressure, bulleying, and intimidation of teens by teens are toxic interactions that are usually passed on from the home to the outside world.

  • Work: You might have the best life possible when it comes to your home, love, and family life but if your bosses and co-workers are toxic to your spirit, it can be hazardous to your emotional and mental health.
  • Romantic: You can have all the riches and freedom that money can buy but if your love life is dragging you down, life looses a bit of sweetness.

  • Self: Did you know that you could be toxic to yourself? Are you treating yourself worse than anyone else?

    Are you constantly defeating yourself with negative thoughts, feelings, and actions? Are you giving others permission to treat you just as bad?

    Toxic Relationships in the Workplace

    toxic relationship flag

    A relationship either nourishes your Spirit or drains you dry!

    If you're constantly feeling bad after an interaction with someone you know, your relationship could be toxic. People who are poisonous to your Spirit will bring you down with negativity.

    Gossip, foul language, blame, judging others, us against them attitudes are like viruses that are hard to shake lose once they get a hold on you.

    5 Ways to Ending a Toxic Relationship

  • Decide today that you will have healthy relationships!

  • Do something about getting to that better place. Being here at this site is a great start ;-)

  • Do an inventory of the people in your life who suck the energy out of you and make plans to rid yourselfof them or keep them at a comfortable distance.

  • Let go of what you can't control.

    The evening news, people at work, controlling parents, and angry people in general can rob anybody of a good feeling.

    Sometimes you have to accept that not everyone or everything deserves your focus.

  • Patience with the process is required if you want anything worth having in life.

    It's far easier to sit back and do nothing and complain like a lot of people.

    When you start to understand that people make the world through the relationships they have with one another ... and that those relationships have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on you, then you will seriously begin to invest in what works for you .. rather than against you!

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  • Relationship Quote

    "You, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and respect."


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