5 Ways To Saving A Marriage

  • Trust
  • Saving a marriage will require trust. It's rare for a relationship to survive without it. Cheating and lying are just some of the pitfalls of an unsuccessful marriage.

    If you can't trust that the person you're with is authentic or has integrity, what's the point of having a relationship with him.

  • Honest Communication
  • We all communicate with one another each and everyday so just communicating isn't gonna save a marriage. How you choose to communicate is more important than just saying words back and forth.

    When couples communicate openly and honestly with one another, much is heard and much is understood from a fundamental level by both people.

  • Accept Responsiblity
  • Mistakes are going to be made because there is nobody who is perfect. People in intimate relationships are no different than anybody else. They will, on occasion, neglect to show affection or attention to a mate... They will accuse the other of not listening or being too evasive.

    The point is ... there will be relationship problems and issues affecting a lot of marriages, partnerships, and friendships.

    Where people get into trouble is when it's time to accept responsibility for their actions. Rather than own up and makeup, people seem dead set on denial and placing blame elsewhere.

    Accepting responsibility for bad behavior or harsh treatment of one another is essential to saving a marriage and having a thriving, healthy relationship.

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  • Personal Care
  • There is one person who you are 100% responsible to and that person is YOU!

    If you are taking care of dependent chidren or a spouse, you are responsible for their physical well-being and security but you can't think or feel for them.

    Taking care of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self is paramount to your over all well-being.

    If you choose to neglect you, while giving your all to everyone else around you ... eventually they will suffer too.

  • Spend Some Time Apart
  • I'm sure to lose some of you women on this one, right?

    Who wants or needs to be alone ... and for what? The point here is to take some time out during your week to regroup, center, and reconnect with yourself.

    This 20 or 30 minutes is your time to heal and reflect on what is important to you and your family.

    I promise you that if you do this for yourself ... your family will reap the benefits. There are more ways to saving a marriage but the five mentioned will kick start a troubled relationship.

    People easily forget that relationships need work if they are going to survive. Some need a little and others ... much more.

    But if you're lazy and could care less about the strength of your marriage, keep doing what you're doing ... and you're sure to keep getting what you're getting.

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    Looking to spice things up in your marriage? Has your relationship lost its passion? Wondering if you're meant for each other?

    How to Save My Marriage might give you some insight into what you might or might not want concerning your marriage.

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