Relationship Addiction

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Relationship addiction can be as bad as any other addiction.

Instead of food, exercise, or drugs, people use people to minimize their pain, loneliness, and fear.

Yesterday I caught an episode of Judge Joe Brown and before him stood two very lost individuals.

The woman was there suing her boyfriend for a loan in which he was to pay back.

His defense was that she knew he was on drugs and once took him to score and because she was well aware of his lifestyle, in his mind, that made the loan null and void. She, on the other hand, believed that he owed her the money because to her it was a loan.

Like most of these shows, they bickered back and forth giving the viewing audience its fill of drama and when the judge felt it was time, he not only let in to the guy but also left the woman with much to think about.

It seems that the woman felt it was her responsibility to "fix" her boyfriend.

She felt that it was her responsibility and her love alone that could bring him out of his addiction.

And once her plan failed, she sued him like he was any other stranger who had taken her help for granted.

He stood delusional by the effects of heroin. She, by her relationship addiction to him.

As a woman, you probably grew up in an environment where you witnessed your mother or another adult woman standing behind her guy no matter the circumstances.

And you might have been taught or expected to engage the ways of the men around you because they were viewed as superior to you as a woman.

And believing those messages, accompanied with your relationship addiction, has attracted certain types of relationships to you ... over and over.

It shouldn't have to take you standing before a judge somewhere grappling for what little immaterial thing that materializes you, before you come to the realization that the person who needs and deserves the love offered, is the one offering the gift ... especially when it's taken for granted, demanded, and unappreciated.


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