Rebound Relationship

A common response to a breakup or ending a relationship, is to begin a rebound relationship and try to replace your ex with someone new. And this usually happens within days, even minutes, for some women and men.

Your rebound relationship is usually a response to anxiety, fear, boredom, or anger.

Dating sites are flooded with people who are looking to replace an ex, or an already exisiting relationship.

With this type of relationship, you are looking to distract yourself or "fill" yourself with someone else.

It seems a lot easier than being alone or taking the necessary time to heal from your past partnership. Who needs time to heal, right?

I mean ... aren't you on a mission to meet that special man, get engaged, and married within a certain time frame?

And after all isn't it better to have a relationship verses no relationship?

Well ... for some people, that might be the case but for another, it is better to heal emotionally before moving on to the next person.

Remember ... another person is also involved in this new relationship and their intentions may be to find true love, not to use you to get over an ex-partner.

If you are someone who immediately chooses a new attachment after a break up because it helps you to put closure to your previous romance then remember to:

  • Be honest with your new partner about where you are emotionally, what you can offer, and your expectations for this new relationship.
  • Take it slow ... resist the urge to quickly develop another emotional attachment so soon.
  • Take some time alone to grieve the loss of your ex-partner.
  • Obstain from sexual intimacy until you've gotten complete resolution and healing from your previous partnership and until you're ready to commit.
  • I wouldn't recommend a rebound relationship but I do recognize that different people learn to let go in different ways.

    And that what works for one might not be best for another.

    Any relationship advice I could give to you would be to always:

  • Work on you ... nobody's perfect and no one will ever be.

  • Want love from another, don't need it!
  • Learn to let go even if it means being alone.

  • Don't want to settle for a rebound relationship?

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