5 Musts To Creating Your Online Dating Profile

Creating your online dating profile will be your first step in putting yourself out there into the mix of online dating, once you find the right dating site you want to join.

Your profile will be the first impression you set forth about yourself so there are some important facts that you need to get right or otherwise you might attract the wrong kind of person.

First, you want to stay clear of putting out bogus information about you and that includes your profile picture. It's been said that 75% of people look at the profile pictures before they even begin to read your profile.

If you must, get a professional to take your picture and do have one that is up to date. You don't want a picture showing you when you were 30 pounds lighter only to meet your date months later and you look like you've gained about 100 pounds. This will be seen as deceit and that's a sure way to be left alone.

Second, Have a catchy or interesting headline. If you like books and movies and going out to dinner once in a blue moon don't just say it like that but put a twist in it. Dinner in the moonlight with some Robert Frost and a DVD always tweaks my interests.

Third, be sure to check for misspellings and mistakes with your grammar. You could be the best looking man on the planet but if you sound like you never got out of 3rd grade, your online dating profile might go unnoticed.

Fourth, Sound positive ... in fact, be positive. Never say things like, I never do this internet dating stuff, or, I'm afraid of the dangers of internet dating so I'm not so sure if I should be doing this.

Nobody is there to comfort you because you fear internet dating. If you follow the proper guidelines to safe internet dating and stick to it you should be fine.

Finally, Be honest in your online dating profile. You don't have to tell all of your secrets but you should be honest about what little you do tell. No one wants to get to know someone only to find out that they are not who they have been pretending to be.

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