My Heart Is Broken

My heart is broken in small, fragile, pieces because I fell in love with a man who couldn't love me back. I gave him my all ... He gave me a call and said that it wasn't me but just that he needed some time to experience it all ...

My one true love I thought he would be, but me ... he promised, to come back and see. I fell in love with a sad and lonely man who wouldn't love me back, oh how I wish I could understand...

I wish I had known that this statue of a man, would be my one and only fan. He took me and broke me ... slicing my heart in two just like he promised, he'd never do.

sad young couple

My heart is broken by a smart and quiet, kind of guy. He read to me shakespeare, fed me steak, and introduced the pleasure of fine wine.

He protected me, was generous with his time, and never let on that I was seldom on his mind.

To love someone with all abandonment ... to give your body, your mind, your heart to another and to have that person spit you out like an old piece of candy is like agony to the soul. To be heartbroken by your lover, your friend ... your enemy.

My heart is broken for the world to see. I don't need your sympathy, your pity, or even your understanding.

I just need a healing ... his healing touch, his face in my hands ... his warmth upon my skin. I just need him back even though he's moved on without me.

I hate him for what he's done to me. He brought to life this lifeless soul and showed me a wonderful world through his eyes ... his experiences.

He brought joy into my sad world and light into my heart. Truth be told, I want him back because I want that joy back and I'm not so sure of how to get it without him.

My heart is broken because I'm discouraged and jadded by this world ... the world without him.

If I'm to carry on without him, I need to heal my broken heart. I need to love me and know that the world I once experienced with him is still out there, and I vow to find it once again.

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