Men With Broken Hearts

Men with broken hearts will probably leave you with a broken heart.

You've heard the saying that, "History repeats itself" and when it comes to attracting people who are familiar, it's amazing how people will unconsciously attract a mate who is either like mom, dad, or the person who raised them.

For example, people raised in abusive homes will either grow-up attracting abuse, chaos, and disorder or divert to the opposite extreme due to early conditioning.

You are what you know ... you reap what you sow ... you act based on feelings ... and you feel according to your thoughts ... simple laws of nature.

Men with broken hearts have been broken ... damaged ... scarred ... jaded ... hurt ... abandoned ... unloved ... neglected ... and forced to be bigger than themselves.

They, like women, want love ... need to express love and compassion ... want connections ... to be understood ... protected ... and celebrated.

And when a man's individual nature to be wholely and naturally himself is thwarted ... his ability to love is enslavedby the greater illusion of status, conformity, and masculinity.

Overtime, his capacity to love deminishes and his heart feels less alive because he's unable to love from within.

As a result ... he likes the woman, he craves to love. He enslaves the lover, he intends to enjoy. He batters the wife, he prays to understand. And he's emotionally indifferent, towards the woman(man)he's become.

Men with broken hearts require our honesty and recognition because they are people (with very big muscles), who are babies when broken and emotionally neglected, and they ... like most of us women, are just looking to find their way back home ... back to the heart!

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man with broken heart

The path to healing for men with broken hearts is really no different than it is for women. Women and men have more in common than they do their differences.

They suffer in similiar ways ... want basic necessities in life ... care for and protect those they love ... believe in something or someone greater than themselves...

Men with broken hearts can and will heal with time. Remember guys ... this, too, shall pass!

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