Marriage Problems

Marriage problems arise when a woman consistently submits to her husband or boyfriend simply because she has been conditioned to see herself as being beneath him, second to him, or just merely his helper and not a mutual partner with the same rights.

You're a product of your environment and whether you like it or not cultural norms and attitudes are sometimes buried deep within your psyche.

And instead of releasing negative stereotypes and assumptions you incorporate them into your lifestyle without question.

When that happens, you have adult women promising to obey and submit to their husbands, during a lifetime of marriage. We all know what happens when men want their wives to do things that no woman should have to do...

Should you submit to a man who abuses you emotionally and physically although you've taken an oath to stay together in sickness and health?

Do you obey the man who treats you like a child and refuses to let you be your own person?

It's not that men are running around telling their girlfriends or wives that they must submit to them but rather it's an insecurity that is stamped so deep within the woman's psyche that to do otherwise would be going off the beaten path.

And likewise, a lot of men need an equal partner and not just someone that they can order around. They, too, suffer from this outdated tradition.

The solution to the marriage problems that people have in their relationships can be solved when people decide to feel, think, and act from a place of healing, growth, and change.

Traditions, dogmas, and creeds don't allow room for change or new discoveries.

Instead, such systems keep people and their relationships to others confined in neat little boxes where they need permission to obey and submit.

There is no perfect relationship!

As long as you're involved with another person, you will have your share of relationship issues or marriage problems because partnerships are challenging.

They challenge you to discover healthier ways of loving, being, and doing, so that you will experience a more fullfilling life and have better relationships! Questions to ask yourself about your relationship:

  • Is he cheating?

  • Is he narcissistic (obsessed with himself)?

  • Is he verbally or physically abusive?

  • Does he treat you like a child?

  • Is he emotionally available to you?

  • Does he blame you for why he's angry?

    scared, depressed woman

    Remember ... It's up to you to decide if your marriage problems are bigger than the love you share.

    If you can forgive his cheating ... his narcissistic behavior ... his verbal abuse ... it's a good indication that you love your man!

    If you can accept that his infidelity ... his physical abuse ... his indifference ... is too much for you to handle ... it's a good indication that you love yourself!

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  • Relationship Quote

    "If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will avoid one hundred days of sorrow."

    Chinese Proverb

    angry abusive man