Love Yourself

If you can learn to love yourself in this lifetime, there is nothing under the Sun that can destroy you or your ability to love others.

The Broken-Relationship-Help site focus is on offering relationship help to those suffering from broken hearts. People, in all parts of the world, all over the globe, experience loss, endure tradegy, and heartbreak.

People's lives revolve around relationships. Unfortunately, these relationships can cause a lot of suffering in the lives of many.

Parents bring their own children into a world of misery when they raise them in abusive environments. Wives suffer at the hands of angry spouses who use force as a means of communication. When a child dies or is reported missing, the heart of a mother breaks into small pieces.

It is no mystery that misery touches the doorsteps of almost every person who has the gift of life. But where there is pain, there is the opportunity to know love.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't get to that reality because they become blinded by the harshness of human to human cruelty.

When you choose to love yourself, you choose life. When you are able to love yourself, you become capable of loving others.

It is very important how you treat others but you can not give what you do not possess.

People in broken relationships struggle with all sorts of issues like control, anger, jealously, self-esteem, pride, etc ...

True healing is the only antidote for a healthy relationship. You must become AWARE of your true naure, which is spiritual, before you can recognize that you were born from love, and into love.

The cruelty exercised by some humans is a display of inner sickness, and not a confirmation of the validity of evil.

The good news ... or the truth, is that love is real. Love is powerful above all else. Love is the why, when, where, what, and who in your life. It is not a sidebar to your relationship or second to how you choose to express yourself.

The woman who loves ... loves not only herself but her entire world. She loves, as an authentic expression of her true spiritual nature, because she is LOVE.

When you love yourself, the energy that resides within you attracts simular energy without. You pull to yourself that which mirrors you. In essence, you have relationships that are loving, peaceful, powerful, and magical. Just like you!

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Relationship Quote

We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

Author Unknown

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