Love Hurts

It's been said that love hurts but I beg to differ. If love hurts does, that mean that hate feels good ... I think not.

I suppose what people mean when they say that it hurts is that they have been hurt by loving someone.

And at the risk of sounding like a broken record ... I think not.

It's not love that hurts but rather it's your expectations that aren't met that leaves you grieving. To be able to love someone is a wonderful feeling and a remarkable gift.

Some people are unable to love freely and easily because they have been badly broken by the evil deeds of others around them.

For these people, love, has all kinds of names and expressions and feeling good is not a part of its reality.

Relationships involving people with ordinary experiences are full of hurt and disappointment because people go into their relationships looking to get some need met.

It's not so far fetched to believe that you would rather have someone else love away your wounds, than it is for you to do the necessary work of healing within.

When I hear someone say that love hurts, I'm hearing their disappointment with all that doesn't have to do with love, whether it be their expectations or someone elses.

You demand, in a backward sort of way, from others what you lack or are convinced you don't possess.

And when your spouse, or partner, doesn't meet your expectations they are blamed for pain that had originated years ago.

If loving someone is hurting you, chances are you're expectations aren't being met. Sometimes those you love will not return your love.

That can be painful but don't confuse the love itself as the cause when it's really your need for self to be satisfied by your demands.

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