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What if all the love advice in the world amounted to just one single, simple solution? What if I told you that your problems and your solutions were one and the same?

That your problems, turned upside down, were your answers staring you right back in the face.

People, you included, are consistently searching for love and relationship advice on the web, in books, from friends, and all over the media because you don't know why you're so unhappy in your relationship.

Your husband is cheating and you don't know what to do. You're bored in your relationship and you're wondering if you made the wrong choice in a partner. Your boyfriend is physically abusing you and there's no way out of the relationship. Your mate is controlling and resentful of your family and friends and you're at a loss at how to fix this problem.

Before I expound on any love advice, let's be clear about a few things.

First, relationships will not be without problems. Problems are like hunger pains, they let you know that it's time to nurish the body. In the case of relationship problems arising, it's just a reminder that something needs your attention.

Second,Your expectations of others are generally unrealistic.

It's fine to want the perfect relationship, the perfect family, and the perfect life, but really ... do you think perfection is possible when it comes to people?

When you start being realistic about your relationship and what you require of your mate, the love advice you seek will be in alignment with your expectations.

Expecting to get back with your ex, will have you searchig for ways to summoned him or her back to you regardless of whether it's a good idea. Expecting closure where there is none, won't bring it to you in the form that you expect.

Third, Refusing to let go when the time has come and gone is detrimental to your emotional and psychological well-being. People suffer so much due to this one act, or none-act.

They refuse to let others move on and let troubled relationships die.

If you're broken hearted, my love advice to you is for you to first, examine yourself in the context of your relationship.

  • What is wrong with your relationship
  • What can you do to correct what's wrong
  • What are your expectations for your relationship?
  • Are you willing to accept personal responsibility for your part in the relationship?
  • If possible, are you willing to let go of this relationship if it no longer serves your higher self?

  • You must do a bit of soul-searching to find your own truth, in the love and relationship advice that you seek.

    Nobody knows better than you, what your situation is about, how bad you've been hurt, or what present danger you're likely in but you.

    I can suggest to you this and that but ultimately, it is YOU who must act based upon your own internal dialogue and conscience. And there you have it ... my love advice to you :-)

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    Relationship Quote

    We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

    Author Unknown

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