Love Hate Relationship


The love hate relationship destroys the foundation of trust in any relationship...

Hate at times seems more popular than love.

The media brings you story after story of what a human being can do to another being when motivated by hate. And if that isn't enough, you have your own personal and tragic story of past or current abuse by a stranger or someone claiming to love you. Hate is easier to feel and express for you because it's a reactionary response.

You allow your ignorance, judgment, and fear of others you don't really know to motivate you to act irresponsibly by not claiming responsibility for your actions.

You blame everyone else for why it is you feel as you do as if this made your hate a reasonable action.

The same two people who claim to love one another today will be the same two people fighting like angry, mad animals in court over what they don't want the other one to get!

And it's not that they're just angry with one another, they actually hate each other. How could that be possible? A lovehate relationship?

When has real love ever turned to hate?

Slavery didn't happen because of good loving gone bad. It happened due to ignorance, arrogance, fear, and personal and spiritual deprivation.

People were living in ways that were in accordance to a mindset that was built around and motivated by fear. And although slavery doesn't exist in the same form as it did in the 20th Century, slavery of the mind continues.

It is FEAR that has a hold of the minds of so many people. And it is these same people claiming to have a love hate relationship.

You don't love someone by hurting them. You don't love through the act of killing. You don't love by abusing your children or pet.

The love hate relationship is really a relationship of hate.

Love is a feeling ... an act ... a revelation of your authentic self. Hate is a choice...a reaction ... a denial of truth.

Ask yourself why it is you love to hate. Are the rewards worth the energy you put into hating?

Are you left feeling more energy, more life, more happiness, or are you just as you were before ... numb?

Hate has no life and creates nothing.

However, love is energy ... life ... and abundance. It is the real deal!

If you're stuck in a mindset of hate, your life is out of control, you're living in confusion and chaos and the only way your life is going to improve is for you to change ... grow ... love ... and create.

A healthy relationship with another person doesn't swing so easily back and forth between love and hate. A love hate relationship only exists in relationship to things, places, and actions ... not people.

You either love someone or you don't. To say that you love and hate them is a contradiction and is bound to lead to a troubling relationship.

I've Got A Love Hate Relationship?

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