How To Save My Marriage

How to save my marriage is not just about saving face with the family, the church, our friends, or the children. It's about much more than that ...

I don't want a divorce because my husband and our family means the world to me. I can't imagine my life without the network of us all being and living together, just like we have for the past thirteen years.

I know that things have changed ... that we have changed. I know that he doesn't crave me, or desire my touch on the nap of his neck like in the past. He doesn't kiss me anymore when he returns home from work, or cook the dinner when I'm sick.

He says he loves me and I believe he does but things just aren't right. We're living together like strangers and there's no passion in our marriage anymore.

Sometimes when I look at him all I see is a familiar face and the distanct eyes of someone I once knew ... someone I fell in love with and wanted to spend the rest of my life loving.

How to save my marriage is more about finding me and finding him and putting the pieces back together that made our union work for so long. It's about not giving up just because finances are hard, or because there's a lack of communication.

If I didn't love him anymore, I'd be willing to throw in the towel and accept that my relationship has ended. But as it stands ... I know he's there somewhere and probably longing for me, too.

There is a way back to love , back to our committment to one another ...

I will read every book I have to ... unearth every rock, to understand what I must do if I want to know how to save my marriage.

Marriage is not something you give up on so quickly as if you were changing jobs. For me and I'd venture to bet that for my family as well, how to save my marriage at anytime is the very air we breathe.

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Relationship Quote

You can always get someone to love you, even if you have to do it yourself.

Tom Masson

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