Healing A Broken Heart

Healing a broken heart is really the focus of this site. The hearts of many women and men are broken daily. People settle in broken relationships and are unwilling to move forward to a place of peace and healing.

There are as many reasons why your current or past relationship failed as there are people. And usually there isn't just one reason, but many.

A lot of relationships are entered in "blindly" with both couples professing their love to one another. They're in love and all they know is that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

So they commit through marriage and expect this beautiful life to magically take over and make all things, including themselves, AWESOME.

But what begins to happen overtime is anything but awesome ... more like, awful! It's like having that new toy on Christmas! It's new and great on Christmas. Three or six months later, it's no longer new but you like it, still.

A year later you might get it out from time to time to play with it but it doesn't produce the same excitement it once did when you first got it.

What happens now? You're looking to replace it with something better. And in terms of a relationship, that something is usually someone else.

But before infidelity happens, there is usually a loss of interest in your partner. The newness has worn off and just like children who cry, "gimme, gimme, gimmie," you want, want, and want!

Never really knowing why ... depressed,sad teen Well ... allow me to let you in on a little secret as to why some relationships end!


People get involved in relationships because they fear being alone!

There ... I said it!

If this is you, recognize it and make a committment to yourself to discover the reasons for your fears.

And then decide if those fears are getting in the way of you having a healthy relationship.

With some new understanding and behavior modification, you can begin creating a happy relationship that resembles the positive aspects of what you want verses what you fear.

First, you must heal your broken heart before you can move on to a more successful relationship.

Healing a Broken Heart requires you to R.E.S.E.T. your heart!


    You have to recognize that you're heartbroken. It sounds simple but you would be amazed at how many women and men go out of their way to deny the fact that the relationship has ended.

    Rebound relationships are filled with such people.

    Healing a Broken Heart will require you to:


    Embrace the drama! That's right! You must feel your pain, not push it under a rug, or pretend that it doesn't exist.Eventually the pain will decrease ... so be sure to follow these last three suggestions.


    Imagine that you've fallen down and cut open your hand. There are pieces of gravel inside the cut. If you want the cut to properly heal, you will scoop out what doesn't belong, clean it, and bandage it up.

    Healing a broken heart is much the same way. Your fall, in this case, is your broken heart. The gravel is the unnecessary emotional baggage that is trying to stick with you.

    If it's not properly dealt with, it will create road blocks to future, successful relationships.

    Healing a Broken Heart will require you to:


    You were given a mind for a purpose. The heart helps the mind and the mind helps the heart. They work in concert together. Love is an action and action is guided by emotions (feelings).

    And since feelings are the result of how you think, it becomes important for you to work on your mind. If you work on how, what, and why you think as you do, then you can be sure that your actions will be in concert with your thoughts.

    Essentially, you're having to learn a mature way to love ...

    Healing a broken Heart will require you to:


    This is the end result of believing and doing whatever it takes to make unconditional love your mainstay in all areas of your life.

    When you choose love, you choose life and a broken heart doesn't have the power to take that away or to diminish it!

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