Goodbye Love
(The last love letter ...)

Goodbye love ... goodbye my friend. These are the words of a broken heart that is beginning to deal with the acceptance of loss.

Letting someone you dearly care for, go on without you is one of the hardest endeavors that you may ever encounter.

Letting someone go, while still in love, is a silent torture. It's one of the unfortunate events that many people must go through to learn lessons for the soul.

There is no easy way around the pain that you will endure when it comes to heartbreak.

Saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed on ... to a child who is leaving for college ... to a marriage that has ended ... to your innocence, or goodbye to a lover, is mostly beyond what words could ever convey.

The last love letter ...

Goodbye my love ... and take with you all that you shared and all that I gave. My love will always be for you as it is today. You have been the only one for me and for that I thank you and with great sadness and appreciation, I release you from my heart to fly and to love another as you have loved me.

I have no regret and angry, I'm not. I just know that the time has come. As I've opened my heart to you in love, I'm releasing you with that love and more, so that you might find and care for a woman your heart will adore.

Goodbye love...

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