Getting Over a Relationship

Getting over a relationship is easier said than done. Maybe you took a partner back over and over again hoping and believing that they would change their ways.

Perhaps your husband or wife wasn't ready for marriage like they thought or maybe they didn't know who they were at the time of your marriage.

What's more ... you feel as though you are living life on some sort of roller coaster ride not knowing where you stand or whether or not all the hard work that you have given to your relationship will be worth it in the end. Too many marriages and many more relationships are ending up on the wrong side of love.

Unfortunately, if you are the one who is consistently giving, loving, honest, and faithful, your pain will likely be greater than the mate who keeps coming and going ... leaving you hurt and confused.

  • How can you tell when your relationship is really over, and how do you begin the process of getting over a relationship?

  • What makes this end any different from the other endings?

  • How do you know when it's past the time of letting that someone or something go?

  • Your relationship, no doubt, is a complex affair.

    But if you are unhappy with the present situation that you find yourself in, you can do one of two things.

    You can either stay where you are and keep hoping for change, or you can make the change happen by refusing to be apart of the drama that never ends.

    Your relationship is over when you know it's over!

    You begin to move on when you accept that critical fact!

    Ultimately, you are healed from the loss of a relationship when you are content, despite it having ended.

    Getting over a relationship doesn't mean you have to place blame on yourself or your ex-partner. And you don't have to be angry at anyone.

    In life, it's just necessary to move on even when you don't know all the "why's" and "if's!"


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