Emotional Abuse Leaves Behind Emotional Scars!

depressed emotionally abused woman

Emotional abuse can take form in a number of different ways. As a child, you were under the direction of your parents, grandparents, or official care-givers.

These people probably raised you in the same fashion as they had been raised.

You were disciplined and praised in the same manner as they had been.

However, emotional abuse can be verbal, emotional, psychological, mental, or spiritual.

And if your abuse was not physical or sexual, it may be hard for you to recognize the signs of abuse originating from your childhood.

For example, if your father was consistently criticizing your looks and calling you fat or even stupid, that is a type of verbal and psychological assault.

If one or both parents were neglectful in providing a healthy and safe environment ... neglectful in providing you with comfort or support ... this, too, is emotionally abusive.

And as an adult you are left with the baggage of the past and in finding ways to heal the physical and emotional scars that remain.

Recently you have started to put the pieces together.

Finally, you know why you keep attracting the same kind of relationships. You know why you stay in a bad relationship rather than leave.

You can't stand the thought of being alone...

Your family abandoned you and now your fear of being left alone rules!

Emotional Abuse for Children

No one is born into the perfect family.

However, too many parents don't know how to parent when it comes to having children.

Parenting should be required education for everybody because when you neglect to raise a child properly, society suffers the consequences.

As a result, you have failed relationships, abusive relationships, dysfunctional relationships, and a host of other troubled relationships.

Your way of thinking and behaving becomes entrenched in that familiar mindset of chaos where happiness has no chance of surviving.

How do you heal from past emotional abuse and pain?

You heal with the help, understanding, and compassion of others. Just like a physical wound, you get rid of the poison affecting the wound.

You patch it up with love and tell it goodbye. Obviously, this is a process and although the wound is not seen it is felt. It is real!

But the time has come for you to move on from that place of hurt and pain to freedom and happiness...

It's your time to create your own world where people are loved for who they are and you are free to be who you are, without the mad voices from the past taking residence in your head.

This life... your life, is short already. Don't continue to let others define it for you.

You weren't just born yesterday and you won't be automatically healed tomorrow... So remember to be patient with your progress.