Dying From A Broken Heart

Are you dying from a broken heart because the person you love doesn't love you? Were you convinced that he or she was the one? Has everyday, since your break up, been like a cold, dark, and depressed night?

Listen to me for one moment ...

You do NOT have to take it out on yourself. You don't have to suffer anymore than you've already suffered. I know that love, when it is not returned, can hurt worse than any other hell, but hear me when I tell you that the pain you're feeling will become less over time.

It will become manageable. You will be able to smile again and in the not too distant future, date again, and possibly marry someone you couldn't even imagine exists at this time.

couple in love

When you're dying from a broken heart, the emotional pain is overwhelming. It takes a hold of you and pulls you down really hard.

It's a heaviness that can't be lifted by the strongest of the strongest because it is an energy ... a feeling, whose origin must be discovered, uncovered, and examined in order to heal.

The journey before you is long and, at times, difficult. But that shouldn't be a reason to not want to do what's necessary for your peace and healing.

What are your choices? Another broken heart? More depression and emotional pain that leaves you unable to function?

You have got to get up and move forward in the face of heartache. Trust me when I tell you that broken hearts happen to millions of other people around the globe everyday.

If you can't do it for yourself, do it for me. Wherever you are and whoever you are ... man or woman, I'm trusting in you and have faith that one day you will not only love again but you will help someone else who is also dying from a broken heart.


Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net/Photostock