Divorce Relationships

Divorce relationships are common amid concerns of loneliness, needs, and security. Ex-partners hook-up with one another due to convenience and familiarity.

Are you divorced but still having a relationship with your ex-husband? If so, you're not alone. It's not uncommmon for two people who were previously married to get a divorce and then start having a relationship again.

People breakup but it's not always because they hate one another or can't stand the sight of the other. Sometimes marriage doesn't work for two people who would otherwise get along.

That's possibly your case if you are dating your ex-husband or fiance. Maybe you got married much too early and didn't have the time adjust to one another.

The problem could be that you and your ex-husband couldn't cohabit together. It could be that you get along better being single and free verses only committed to one another.

An unfortunate aspect of divorced people having relationships is that one really wants to be married still and the other just hasn't found someone else to replace the ex-partner. If this is not your situation, what is it?

Why are you dating a man you divorced after marrying? Have you given yourself time to move on and to meet someone else who you are more compatible with as a partner? Do you think that nobody will want you? Are you dating your ex-husband out of pity for him?

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Whatever the reason for your divorce and subsequent relationship, reconcilation is always possible when two people share love between them.

Divorce relationships aren't uncommon and your situation is unique to you and whether or not it stands the test of time ... twice, is yet to be seen.

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