Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms Report:

  • Sleep too much or not enough
  • Extreme negativity
  • Over-eating, don't eat, may become bulimic
  • Always tired
  • Irritable
  • Risky behavior (putting yourself in unsafe situations)
  • Drinking excessively or drug use
  • Unable to have fun or see life as meaningful
  • Depression is not normal although it's very common.

    It's reported that more women than men suffer from depression.

    It's normal to feel sad because you have a broken heart, relationship problems, or you've lost your job. But it becomes depression when feelings of sadness last longer than the time required to heal.

    Some people experience depression for years, while others go through it during certain periods.

    Different Types of Depression:

  • Major (also referred to as clinical depression)
  • Chronic
  • Manic
  • Seasonal
  • Atypical
  • What causes depression isn't known but there are risk factors:

    1. Nature - Genetic predisposition

    2. Nuture - Environmental (stress, loss, tragedy, etc ...)

    Depressed people see the glass half-full or the darkside to anything positive.

    Recognizing the symptoms of depression is important.

    If you're having relationship problems because of your depression, getting help for yourself is paramount because if you don't heal, your relationship has little chance for success.

    It's also important to know that some men will express depression as negativity or anger towards another.

    And that this prolonged treatment of a spouse or girlfriend can, and often does, affect a woman's mental health.

    Got Depression Symptoms? Click here for details ...

    Suffering through a troubled relationship is bad enough but when you add depression into the mix,the pain for anyone in such a situation can be overwhelming.

    Recovery is possible ...

  • Seek professional help
  • Implement coping skills for dealing with stress( exercise, better nutrition, sleep, bonding, meditation,etc..)
  • Medication
  • You don't have to continue to suffer although you've been suffering for so long.

    If you recognize some of these symptoms of depression in yourself, it's time to get the help you need and deserve.

    If you are desperate for a better life and more successful relationships, and you're experiencing depression ... there is help!

    Please reach out and get it!

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