Are You Dating A Married Man?

Are you are a single woman dating a married man?

When you first started dating did he tell you that he was married or did you find out?

Do you feel like the other woman or the main woman?

Does the thought of his wife ever cause you to question your decision to date this man?

Once I went out with a married person who I thought was separated only to find out that I had been lied to? Needless to say that relationship ended quickly.

Personally, I like being in a relationship where there are two people, not three, or four, or a compound. For me, dating a married person is settling for less than the best.

Maybe you don't desire anything deeper with this man like marriage or a future together. Perhaps you're happy just getting together when you can and spending time with one another knowing that what you do today will be a future memory.

Unfortunately, if you have fallen in love with a married man sharing him with another woman is not so much fun anymore. The thought of him sharing his nights, his mornings, his life with the other woman (his wife) burns you up inside.

Maybe he has given you reason to believe that in the future it will be only the two of you.

Dating a married man is risky business because over time, attachment becomes almost inevitable.

If it wasn't so, he would've left his wife after the first time he told you that he loved you. Some men do leave their wives for the other woman but that is rare.

If you are dating a married man and you don't love him or care about what this is doing to his wife or family, then you are in like company with this man.

Chances are he doesn't really love you either and doesn't care about what happens to you after he has come and gone.

Become entangled with love not strangled by it.

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