Confessions Of A Broken Heart

Do you have some confessions of a broken heart?

If all women could get together just for the day and discuss the men in their lives and those who have wronged them, they would be confessing a world full of secrets.

Over fifty percent of married men will cheat in their lifetime. Some will have babies from different women, apartments in other cities, and a whole different lifestyle from the one they have at home with a spouse.

The statistics for infidelity among women are increasing too. So it's not just men who have something to confess.

And with technology making it easier to connect with strangers across the globe, many men, as well as women, are finding some very creative ways to cheat.

Broken people cheat their way into relationships and out of relationships. They use and discard others as if they were linen on a bed. They live in a reality of illusions where others are treated like chess on a board game.

You wanna hear some confessions of a broken heart? Prepare yourself ... it might leave your head throbbing!

  • He infected me with HIV.
  • He slept with his own daughter.
  • I never knew his real name and I was married to him for twenty years.
  • He was my husband but he was also a pedophile.
  • He said he loved me but he hurt me ... really, really, hurt me bad.
  • He's crazy ... like institutional crazy and won't get help.
  • He's gay but we don't talk about it, so I just continue to share him with another man.
  • These are the confessions of a broken heart ... of many broken hearts.

    Infidelity is dishonesty at best and evil at its worst.

    Loving a man can be the most burdensome undertaking, second to raising children, for some women.

    And like children, it's nearly impossible to give "em" back once you've had them.

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