Woman Stuffed In Cardboard Computer Box

Kasprzah and friend, Patryk Borys, attacked and buried Lewandowska under six inches of dirt and a tree branch and left her to die.

Lewandowska, who was engaged to Kasprzah, managed to free herself from underground by cutting herself out of the box with her engagement ring.

Lewandowska's fiancee admitted to the kidnapping but said he only did it to scare her and was not intending to kill her. Prosecutors argued that Kasprzah got bored with Lewandowska and wanted to be rid of her.

Borys was sentected to four years in prison for his part in the kidnapping and Kasprzak was sentenced to twenty years.

Read entire article here: http://news.yahoo.com/buried-alive-fiance-gets-20-years-prison-162851714--abc-news.html

Stories like these continue to flood our media without pause. Men killing the mother of their children, ex-wives, girlfriends and the like because of rage and anger.

Violence against women and children must be dealt with if it's going to change. Change starts with recognizing that there is a problem.

The process of understanding the triggers and consequences of ones actions go far in determining how our society will better deal with this type of hatred and cruelty.

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