Do You Have A Cheating Spouse?

Do you have a cheating spouse? Are you unable to reach your husband during certain times? Is he secretive about his whereabouts when you're not together? Does he hide his cellphone?

If you are dating or even married to a man who is evasive about his everyday activities and he refuses to share them with you, then you could be with a partner who is cheating on you.

How do you find out if your suspicions are at least warranted enough to do a bit of checking? First, you ask him directly if he is cheating on you. He will either say, yes or no. A cheating spouse will usually deny it. It's rare that a cheating spouse will come clean early in his deception.

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Depending upon his reaction to your question and his answer, you should be able to decipher his guilt or innocence. However, if you continue to be uncertain about whether or not your spouse is cheating after this confrontation, then there are some tactics that you could try if you must know for sure.

Keep in mind that if a spouse is cheating and enjoying his "private" life, he is in no hurry to give up that kind of excitement.

However, because you are connected to this man on an emotional and physical level, your feelings are conveying to you that something is amiss and until you are able to put it to rest, the angst will persist.

How do you find out if your spouse is cheating?

  • Change up your normal routine so that he is not sure of where you are at every moment. This will give you the opportunity to check places you think he might be if he thinks you're busy.
  • Check his cell.
  • Keep track of the times when you're unable to reach him. People like routine and chances are he and his girlfriend have a routine.
  • Have a friend that he doesn't recognize visit areas where you feel as though he might be.
  • Consider putting a GPS tracking device on his cell or car.

  • These are just some suggestions that you can implement if you don't feel as though he is being truthful with you. I realize that these tactics are probably outside of the normal way you operate within a relationship because you are normally a trusting person.

    However, consider for a moment how you would protect yourself from a thief. You invest in alarm systems, hidden cameras, a GPS tracking device, Low Jack, etc ...

    When a partner decides to cheat they invite the enemy into your home ... unannounced. The suspicion and the angst that you feel is the invasion! If it requires you to step outside of your comfort zone for a minute, to get to the truth, take that step.

    If you go this route, there must already be some level of doubt about whether or not your spouse is cheating. Your intuition, his behavior and the growing distance between the two of you are signals that something's not quite right.

    If he is cheating, ultimately, that will be discovered. If not, you might end up feeling like the cheating spouse ... with all of your investigating.

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