Broken Heart

The woman with a broken heart is a lot like you. She has survived the pain from her past and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of the heart.

She believes in the goodness of some but recognizes that many have been broken by life events.

The woman with a broken heart doesn't ask for much, or expect a handout without having to give something back in return. She feels that people are traveling through life with their eyes wide shut and that most are living comfortably numb.

Emotional and physical trauma resides in the pit of our collective souls and the few who remain unscathed by abuse and neglect don't have a love big enough to rescue her from her world.

When something is broken, if it doesn't shatter into a million little pieces, it might be salvagable. It could be tapped or glued back together but who really would want such an item but its original owner.

When a person is broken, the heart is changed forever. It will never be as it was before it was broken but with time, it will be repaired.

However, the heart, unlike inanimate objects, leaves emotional scares that are connected to the memory of the pain. Any real healing that is accomplished is due to the process of awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness.

The woman with a broken heart sees only through the reality of her world and through the veil of shame that enslaves her consciousness. She regrets the past and rejects the future because they are one and the same.

Her heart, fragile and wounded, moves along with time, indifferent to the wonders of living and the sweetness sublime. Broken trust and broken promises are the casualities of living.

A broken heart that has been healed knows that a broken heart is the bootcamp of love.

She recognizes that the heart is the first and last defense to loving, and that you learn to forgive the past so that you can embrace the present.

Broken or just bruised ... your heart is truly your most needed lifeline.

Refuse the temptation to just live comfortably numb like so many others. What has happened to you in the past is in the past. It doesn't make you, become you, or break you. You have the power to soar above your pain and despair.

Don't let abuse, anger, fear, guilt, or shame destroy your chances for happiness. Too many people do and their world is just the reality of the fears they hold in their hearts and minds.

Life is too short to give away your power to love and freedom because someone hurt you. Remember that hurt people hurt others. Your heart may have been wounded but that wound doesn't have to define your life.

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