Broken Heart Syndrome

Often, I find myself describing to people what a broken heart syndrome is, looks like, sounds like, and how you can detect it in others even when they are not aware themselves that they are exhibiting symptoms of brokenness.

When people discover that I write about broken relationships and breakups, they look at me with a certain curiosity. It's as if they're fascinated that someone would talk about something so private and depressing.

The most effective way to describe what a broken heart syndrome is would be to describe to you the actions and symptoms of those who have been almost devastated by tragedy.

Just look around ... possibly at yourself or someone you know. Is there regret or remorse over a past love because there was no closure, or too much pain and anger blocked the love that you had for one another?

Did you want to work things out only to find that your ex has already moved on?

People with a broken heart syndrome are wounded at the heart. And as a result, their hearts remain closed and hardened by pain and despair.

You can see it in their eyes ... a constant craving of what "should've" been or what "could've" been.

Whether it's a romantic relationship, a platonic relationship, or just a relationship with a loved one, if there is emotional baggage that has affected you negatively, then there will more than likely be symptoms of depression and other obvious signs of emotional pain.

There is a much bigger crisis than just one person living a life of despair. There is a collective brokenness that all people feel on an unconscious level.

When people are mistreated, abused, used for profit, objectified, crucified, and allienated by others because of our dependence to money, power, sex, or inclusion, then everyone suffers the effects.

People, who would ordinarily live their lives happy and free, now live their lives, with suspicion and judement. Our brokeness has made us fearful of one another and strangers to all.

We are cynical in our outlook at others, and we wonder why love is so hard to find.

The only way to get rid of the broken heart syndrome and the plague it has on you and your mind is to shake loose the hold that your past fears, guilt, and remorse has wrapped around your heart.

If you don't wake up and change today, your tomorrow will be your today!

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"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will avoid one hundred days of sorrow."

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