Broken Heart Girl Video

Today ... you're the broken heart girl but tomorrow it could be me or someone you love. I can't sugar coat an ugly situation.

It is what it is ... and no amount of positive thinking or cheering you on is gonna stop the pain or release you from its grip. I recognize that you have to feel your pain.

I've been right where you are before and my experience has taught me that suffering is a process, not a one day event.

A broken heart girl knows that and can only hope to hold your hand, rub your back and wip your tears when you cry. A broken heart girl knows that love hurts ... sometimes.

And something else she knows ... something that you're unable to see at this time is that "this too ... shall pass." It ALWAYS passes! But before it does ... usually,there is a very important lesson to be learned.

And that lesson, my dear ... I can't say what it is because I don't know what satisfies your soul, but soon you will.

And over time your pain will become your power and your power will manifest wisdom.

So go right on ... cry ... scream ... laugh ... pray ... just be right where you are ... because really, that's all you can truly be.

And I will sit here on the otherside of this computer screen ... knowing that although we may be miles apart mentally, spiritually, and emotionally ... we got this!

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broken heart girl The world is full of heartbreak. We're on a planet full of people who are evolving at different rates.

Unfortunately, we are a lonely planet of people who hurt others when we have been hurt.

Love and relationships offer people the opportunity to turn pain into power but before that can happen, people go through all kinds of drama before such enlightenment.

You will get to the other side of your misery and it will be with the help of those who care, personal awareness, and time. A broken hearted girl today is a powerful woman tomorrow!