Breakup Help For Women

You've already gotten the breakup letter and read the breakup lines where he says that he just isn't ready to commit, or that he just isn't sure right now about what or who it is he wants in life.

You find yourself in a pickle because you can understand where he's coming from because you were once like him, but at the same time, you are at a place in your life where you don't want to make the same mistake twice.

You've be there and done that before. You let a great guy get away before because of your own problems with commitment. Now the tables are turned and you find yourself madly in love with this man who, himself, is experiencing cold feet.

And you know if he only knew what you have learned about not letting true love pass you bye, he would be more than willing to step up to the plate. But really what can you do?

Do you have the power to speed up the personal lessons to be learned through everyday life experiences for someone else?

Can you initiate the evolution of someone else's self awareness to the point of them having an about face, all within a time frame that fits perfectly into your plans?

Will a simple prayer awaken him to the same realizations of which you have become aware of yourself?

These questions are of great wealth to any individual who believes in the power of mind to mind influences. But the majority of people do not operate this way.

The person dealing with a breakup, or who wants breaking up advice may know or care very little about mind control from this angle.

They want practical information and proof that if they do x, y, and z, they may be able to reverse the breakup.

And lastly, they don't want to wait years to see this happen. So ... really, the question is, "Are you wanting to get back with your ex?

If you know you do, or even think you do, than keep reading.

The first thing you do is to STOP doing what you've been doing up until this point.

Unless your ex-boyfriend is calling you and begging for you to take him back then you need this information.

  • Stop the insanity of continuing to do what isn't or hasn't been working
  • Stop the text messages and the phone calls
  • Stop blaming yourself
  • Stop feeling like a victim
  • Stop telling them that you can't or don't want to go on without them
  • Start to move on with your life
  • Start having fun again, even if you have to force yourself.
  • Start planning for your future
  • Start acting warm, indifferent, and cheerful when you run into your ex
  • Start believing that you have the power
  • So there you have it...

    This breakup help for women of all ages should give you a head start on moving things in a direction that will get you what you want much quicker than almost anything else.

    This advice will only be helpful if you apply it and stick with it.

    For some reason, when you act as if things are good, that you are getting over the heartache and life continues to be good to you in spite of your broken heart, your ex-partner starts to notice you again.

    Fact is ... we all want to be respected, noticed, understood, and loved.

    So when it seems that you're losing the admiration of someone who once gave you that recognition, suddenly, you want them back ... which is why your ex-boyfriend will be wanting you back.

    Hopefully, you'll recognize the game and move on...