Blessed By A Broken Heart

  • Have you ever been blessed by a broken heart?
  • Has anyone ever truly loved you, cared for you ... adored you?
  • Have you been broken only to rise again like the phoenix and give back all that was taken from you?
  • Have you ever been able to love another human being despite past emotional pain?

  • If you think about it, most people are either healed or still hurting. Those who are hurting continue to experience bad relationships over and over because they have yet to rid themselves of the emotional pain they carry within.

    And then there are those who have been born into a new awakening. They have learned to let go, see the big picture, and carry within themselves a humble and compassionate recognition of the great human struggle.

    These are the people ... those blessed by a broken heart, who lead others to the well of love and understanding.

    Life is difficult enough without you having to accept more pain and torment from the person you're loving. And if you're not experiencing a blessed relationship with your partner, then what are you experiencing?

    Have you caught up to the pain, faced it, dealt with it, and released it? Or are you trying to manage it underneath the excess pain of another?

    I've said before that hearts are broken everyday by the millions.

    People hurt other people ... sometimes intentionally and or carelessly. So the chances of you living and dying without experiencing some form of heartache is zero to none.

    However, you do have a choice in your life. When it comes to the relationships you choose to have with another, you can either learn to love from a place of healing or form a state of fear.

    When you choose fear, you break more hearts. When you choose love, you bless a heart.

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