Abusive Relationship

Does anybody see what I see ... or is it just me? Violence, all around us! Women enslaved ... some, already in the grave. Is it even possible for any to be saved?

Her abusive relationship ...

Does anybody hear what I've heard ... or is it just my nerves? Insanity, all around her! A furocious man with a belly full of hate ... smacking, cracking, and popping my friend, his "soulmate."

Your abusive relationship ...

Does anybody smell what I smell ... or is it just me? Fear, all around you! His sweat on your body, his stank on your skin ... with plans already on how your life's gonna end.

Our relationship ...

Does anybody feel what I've felt ... see, what I've seen ... experienced, what I've known ...

God punish them for what they do, to all of us women and our children, too. My life, full of hope and despair ... cut short by a man who refused to care!

Domestic abuse is all around us! When ... will we do something?

sad depressed woman


Domestic abuse poses as love and care in the lives of those experiencing physical violence. Women, in our society and around the world suffer enormous psychological and emotional pain at the hands of certain men in their lives.

Why is this? The reasons are complex and must be addressed if we are to evolve spiritually. But in order to address the issues we must allow those who are the victims to tell their stories without ridicule or insult.

The bottom line is that people are in a state of fear. That fear has an expression and in the case of men who abuse women, that fear is expressed as control and physical dominance. It's not a case of men hating women but rather one of fear.

It's a spiritual and moral sickness that needs healing, and we move closer to that place, in love and understanding, and not with judgment and hate.

Relationship Quote

"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will avoid one hundred days of sorrow."

Chinese Proverb

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